The Adventurer Club is a Seventh-day Adventist Church sponsored program which supports parents and guardians in the challenging task of the holistic development of children Pre-k through fourth grade in today’s world.

The children in the club are taught personal grooming and life skills, team spirit, how to be responsible, loyal and respectful to themselves, God, their country and others.

In addition, the children engage in physical fitness, science, arts and crafts, games, nature and other outdoor activities.

Registration - Club Year 2023-2024

Please click on the links below to register for the new club year. All  3 forms (Registration, Medical, and Videography) must be completed.  Club fees ($60) can be paid by  e-transfer using the email  ( include this message "name  of child and adventurer fees"), on-line giving (select adventurer fees) or using a tithe envelope and placing it in the offering plate (on the outside of the envelope write "adventurer fees, on the inside put the name of your child). 


Link: Registration

Link: Medical Form

Link: Videography Form