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The Family Life Ministries in partnership with Mad About Marriage is pleased to provide you some useful tips to enhance your relationship with your spouse. These short and easy to read articles have been designed as practical tools to help you navigate through your marriage relationship.

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 How Good of A Partner Are You?  


Devoted spouses are more satisfied with their marriages and less likely to feel trapped. 

They willingly make sacrifices for the health of their relationship and tend to have lasting marriages. 

What does it mean to be a devoted spouse? And what does it look like? 

The Devoted Spouse... 

Being devoted can mean many things, but let's focus on the emotional dimension. Devoted spouses support their partner emotionally. 

They validate their partner's feelings & emotions instead of brushing them off. 

They don't challenge their spouse's feelings by saying stuff like, "Stop feeling sorry for yourself." 

They share their spouse's deepest thoughts, joys & dreams. 

They're open, honest, and vulnerable with their partner. 

They don't make their partner guess what they're thinking or feeling. 

They actually enjoy spending time with their partner. 

They're fully present and give their undivided attention to their partner, creating connection & companionship. 

They pay attention to the little things. 

They can tell when their spouse is feeling hurt or sad, and respond with love and compassion. 

They do little things to show their love, like calling to see how they're doing, or by texting their partner "I love you" in the middle of the day. 

How to Become a Devoted Spouse 

1. Pray for God's guidance. 

Seek His will for your marriage. Ask what kind of spouse he wants you to be. 

2. Express your devotion through words AND actions. 

Don't just say you're committed; express it through selfless love, loyalty, kindness, and faithfulness. 

3. Set long-term goals for your marriage. 

Working to improve your marriage demonstrates your devotion to the relationship. 

4. Ask yourself: How would I like to see my marriage grow? And then map out ways/options to get there. 

The best way to have a devoted spouse is to be one. 

So, follow the above advice to have a happier and more devoted relationship. 

Until next time, this is Mike Tucker and I want YOU to be mad about marriage!


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